Some fixed / tweaked sketches from the workshop

Hello everyone. Below you will find links to some of the sketches we started working on during the workshop. You can edit them, change the hashtags they follow, change values for latitude and longitude, switch from a query based on geolocation to a query based on topic and words, and alter any other parameter you can find…

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What bird is tweeting?

The sound of DesignDecode vs The Informer

The First Idea

We started with The Informer project, thinking of an application in the daily life.

The Informer would be sort of a statute (or something similar) placed in a bulding (or small sector) that will substitute the neighbors message board, and will play de annoucements each neighbor tweets with a hashtag created by them.

The objective is to build community within the habitants not only annoucing things such as “I’ve lost my cat” but also having sounds as codes to comunicate something: whenever there is danger, someone could tweet the word and trigger an alarm sound, or if someone wants to be joined for dinner can tweet dinner and trigger another sound.

What we did instad: What does Design Decode sounds like?

Because our first idea might nor reflect the way we wanted to in realtime for the “visualization” of the project, we decided to change it and use tweets that are already there.

Since we are sonifing things, we thought it would be nice to hear what Design Decode sounds like: by taking all geolocated tweets with the  #DesignDecode hashtag we will give a tone and frequency to tweets from the conferences, the workshops, the parties and the exhibitions.

This is something that could be done every year the festival takes place, as part of the exhibition activites or the things that happen during the festival, imagine that instead of having whatever random music playing in the garden we can have a sound/melody donde by the tweets.

Story Time

It’s an interactive project within a small area that intends to create a story told by the audience itself. The StoryBot collects all the tweets with the hashtag #StoryTime from within the area, and retells the collective text, always finishing with the question “What happens next?

The story begins with the StoryBot saying, “Once upon a time,” and will end once any audience member tweets “Finally.” This will end the story (StoryBot says, “The End.”) and the story telling process will begin a new.

Blueseed General Description

Blueseed is an international incubator that will host global entrepreneurs in a ship located in international waters 12 miles from San Francisco Bay where innovation can be achieved without frontiers. The Blueseed Project is currently being developed in Silicon Valley & will depart from port next August 2014. With our project we will like to make it known worlwide & create a new platform of interaction between the “entreprenur” pirates inside the boat & the rest of “aspiring” pirates.

Blueseed [!] Context Application

Entrepreneurs will be working inside the ship either privately in their offices or collectively in collaborative spaces. When they will need to take a break they will go to different food court options, restaurants, bars or social spaces. Here they will be able to listen to the Blueseed [!]. 

Blueseed [!] Experience DIagram

 Everytime a person worldwide tweets something related to the Blueseed using the #Blueseed, the people inside these places will be able to hear what people are thinking in the outside world and will be hearing a relaxing sound of the waves . In the case where a person send a direct message to the @Blueseed the sound of a boat horn will be heard in order to capture the attention of everyone and alert them into giving it a special attention. Moreover this interaction, could provoke new conversational opportunities with different entrepreneurs present. The Blueseed [!] will make entrepreneurs feel connected in a confined environment with entrepreneurs from the outside world. 

decode idea

in a public space you see a question of general culture whit a hast tag

you answer in twitter


if the question has to answer, yes or no type

if you answer is correct applauses and cheers sound really loud

if you answer wrong you get a sound of people saying buuuu 


if the question has to answer of a number

if you answer below the correct answer you get a “higher”

if you answer is higher than the answer you get a “lower”

if you answer is clouse you get a “warm!”

if you answer is far you get a “cool”